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SSF ran a survey with in the Asian community to find out how aware they are of Mental Health in the Ethnic Minority

Sky Sharma Foundation ran a public survey in March / April 2018 for ethnic males and females aged between 16 – 65 to research how aware they are of Mental Health within the ethnic minorities.

The results show the following:

53% of men and women are well aware of Mental Health within the ethnic minority communities.

36% of males and 32% of females have heard about mental health through television and the lowest percentage have heard about this through radio.

92% of men and 100% women believe ethnic men suffer from mental health issues and the main cause of these are financial problems and a very low percentage believe their jobs are a cause of this.

Subsequently, 92% of men and 100% women also believe ethnic women suffer from mental health issues and the main cause of this believe to be relationships and the lowest percentage believe the cause to be financial issues.

Lastly, 84% of men and 98% of women believe ethnic children suffer from mental health. The main cause for this is social media, followed by family troubles and the lowest cause being financial issues.

Ethnic people consider professional services i.e. counselling to be the best form of support and the lowest percentage to be support from family.

45% of male and 63% of females know of other people suffering from mental health, this mostly being men and a lower percentage of women. A lower percentage (46%) of men believe they are getting help, whilst 54% of women believe this to be the case.

Nearly 70% of women and just over 50% of men believe the government is not reaching out to ethnic minorities on mental health.

We asked everyone which areas of improvement they wish to see on mental health within ethnic minorities. A higher percentage of male and females responded with learning of mental health through workshops, followed closely by communication over conversations. Regular community gatherings and bilingual information leaflets being the least popular choices.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this survey and we hope to continue our work to bring you with more information on mental health.