"My experience of mental health"


My first experience of mental health was in 1996 when I had my final year of my GCSE'S, I took a week of school as I got into trouble with my headmistress. Anyway while I was at home I couldn't stop getting emotionally upset, whenever I watched day time television i.e. a program called this morning on ITV discussing serious topics it didn't help. Fortunately it wasn't necessary to make an appointment to see my GP.

2002 - At the age of 22 sadly I became mentally unstable again in a very bad way as this time I was extremely quiet; withdrawn; unable to stay focused properly; I was in a world of my own at this time of my life. I went to the hairdressers in a state so they couldn't cut and style my hair.

Another time my grandfather & I went to visit somebody in hospital but I was having hallucinations and I refused to leave the building as I didn't feel safe. Anyway eventually people had to help me leave the premises. By the time we both got to the car the security man asked my relative did he bring me to the hospital, my grandfather said yeh she's ill.  When I got home my grandfather's voice changed suddenly; it was my imagination so wasn't real. The following day my grandfather took me to my GP explaining why  I wasn't myself so I was sent for a assessment at Stepping Stones; from there I was admitted to Green Parks House to have another assessment .

I had to be sectioned for two months. I was a guinea pig to various pills until one of them works for me. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in the beginning. During my time in the institution we had to do occupational therapy. When I was discharged from pshychriactric hospital I had to do six weeks of occupational therapy as an outpatient. Unfortunately I had a few relapses where I was monitored at home due to reducing medication which didn't quite work. Anyway my psychiatrist found me another drug Aripiprazole which works wonders for me. I haven't been having any relapses since 2009.

My grandfather joined me on a course ECDL (European Computer Driving license) learning 7 modules in software programs to start becoming motivated again. Since then I have done other courses i.e. animal management. I have come a long way turning over a new leaf; currently this year I am doing various of voluntary jobs i.e. working with adults with all disabilities; Distributing food at food Bank, Bromley and Greenwich age UK, In-between volunteering l do recovery college.  I do exercise and meditation to keep active and well for the rest of my life. I have a great support network with family, professionals and friends.