Colour of my skin

When I first began acting, many auditions resulted in a no. the no came not because my monologues were bad or wrong, but because of the place I was born (East London) and the colour of my skin. Most theatre companies are reluctant to take on people from East London and the majority of the characters I wanted to go for were white, so I wasn’t allowed to audition for those parts.

This was disheartening and my confidence dropped a lot. I couldn’t be on stage again for a long time. When opportunities camp up, I didn’t go for them, I was too nervous to go back on stage.

Until, one day someone reached out, took my hand and helped build me back up to my old self. I remember the exact phrase they used.

“Be the change.”

The first time getting back on stage was a big obstacle for me to overcome after so many years of avoiding it due to so many previous experiences of hearing the word no, despite it being my passion.

At this stage in my life, I’ve decided to challenge myself and pick the parts that I want to play, playing them how I want to play them, regardless of whether people like the performances I am giving or not. With help from people who believed in my talents, I stood up, I was finally given a chance and I stood on stage and performed.

This inspiring story was taken from ‘Speechless’, Roehampton university students project on getting students talking.