My Experience

Today is the day when I will share my life story so far. I say so far as I know life is a constant struggle and through life experiences we learn every single day.

I am the middle child from my parents second marriage. We are 5 siblings. Older sister and older brother from first marriage which as against my mother's will and she later remarried my dad a few years later after she was divorced with her first husband. I don't want to comment or blame my parents for what they did as at that time there was lack of awareness of mental issues and I can say 100% they both were mental cases pun intended ???? On that cheerful note, I was born on the delightful day of 31st Oct 1983, silly move to reveal my age but I want to be honest with my story. I was always a happy go lucky child who was seeking and searching for love that should have been given to by my parents but since they both were in their own depression, they neglected me a great deal.

To comfort myself, I used to read Nanacy Drew novels, and Nancy was my imaginary friend. Any problem I had, Nancy would give me the solution you can say I was talking to my conscience. My conscience taught me right from wrong as what I saw in my childhood was a lot of negativity, hate, neglect, betrayal, insecurity, mistrust, self-doubt, all the possible negative emotions one can imagine. Sounds interesting right? No it was the most horrific childhood but something happened when I hit my puberty, a voice inside me told me enough is enough, I can't let people treat me the way they do and so I started to stand up to my older sister who is few years older than me and my younger as I was sandwiched between them and bullied by both.

My parents never encouraged me to express myself and I lacked great confidence. When I hit my teens, me and and my younger sister went to mixed school. There I learned how to practice my authority on boys as prior to this men in my country think they can touch you inappropriately and that's okay? Well this voice inside me told me to be strong and stand up to what was wrong.

I am in the process of writing a story about my life, if you think it is something that may help others from my life experiences and experiences of how I overcame extreme situations with self help, because I believe that if you ever need help there is a hand at the end of your arm. We tragically live in a selfish, self obsessed world and one thing I want to do before I die is make a difference, touch people's lives with my love, kindness, help and support.... Love and peace!